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Hi my name is Lana I picked up 14kg through my Pregnancy with my Second Child. My bundle of joy was born on Christmas day 2015. But even though I was extremely excited, I was also sad as I felt huge and had almost no clothes to wear, the only clothes that still fit me were all my maternity clothes. I took me a month or so too get to the conclusion that I serious needed help. Started on my weight loss journey with The Look at me Now and lost 8kg in my first month and 4kg in my second month, but I must say I didn’t follow the program completely the last month. I lost in total 12kg in just 2 month and feel amazing. This is definitely the best diet ever.




Hi Happy Shrinkers,

So we often tell you that we used to be overweight but never have we shared our stories & pictures with you. I was never really overweight when I was growing up, of course I had the usual puppy fat that a lot of kids have but never anything more than that. At the age of 18 I decided to move overseas, when I arrived a weighed around 65kg which is considered normal for my height 165cm. Within my first 2 years of being overseas I picked up weight, so now at the age of 20 I weighed 80kg! WOW! How did I let this happen? Well to be honest I knew exactly how this happened. I was miserable my first 2 years away from home & so I turned to food (all the wrong food of course) & when I wasn’t eating junk food, I was out with friends drinking & of course what happens when you have a night of drinking – you hit the nearest fast food joint to soak up all that alcohol telling yourself that you are saving yourself from a hangover tomorrow. After awhile I got to a point where I didn’t want to go out – I was ashamed of my body & getting ready for a night out was more like a nightmare than a fun affair so I became a little (erm big) hermit. I chose nights in with my junk food over nights out with my low self esteem. It really was a vicious cycle.

Finally I decided I had to do something so I started off with a few FAD Diets which I failed at miserably, I lost weight but then gained it back. Yo-yo dieting had me feeling worse than before & worst of all yo-yo dieting had a detrimental effect on my health. I was devastated to learn that I had starved my body of the nutrients required for healthy bones & it was a shock to learn that I had Osteopenia. I kept thinking I am doomed to be this fat person with brittle bones forever but as luck would have it a friend of mine introduced me to “Look At Me Now HCG Diet” & I am truly thankful that they did. I lost 20kg in 1.5 months. I now weigh 60kg & I have done for a few years now. I am no longer a hermit & best of all my health has really improved.





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Megs Dulaney

“So I woke up one morning and like every other morning over the last 3 years I promised myself that today would be the day I managed to stick to my diet. By 11am all resolve left my body. I had binged on everything I could lay my hands on. Even things I really didn’t care for much or wanted had a chance for survival. Like every other day over the past 3 years I hated myself, cried and binged a little more. However, unlike every other day over the last 3 years I found a post on Facebook, a testimonial of sorts. In desperation I though “What if? I called the girls and holy hell, was I surprised, even gobsmacked, that I found real people on the other end of the line. I started my journey with Jara and the team and haven’t looked back. There has been ups and downs. Times when I fell, only to be picked up by their loving understanding and support. Times when I wanted to scream and give up only to be pepped talked in the most compassionate manner, always building my self esteem, giving me hope. I started this journey 4 weeks ago and they say to make or break a habit takes 21 days. I’m happy to report 35 days later I have lost 11,7kgs and haven’t felt better. I still have 22kgs to go and know I can do this. Thank you guys!!!!!”

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