• Obesity epidemic is to blame for 12,000 cancer cases every year.
  • The chance of developing some forms of the disease is up to 60% higher.
  • Excess weight could account for 41% of womb cancers, experts predict.
  • Epidemic could lead to almost 4,000 extra cancer cases a year by 2026.

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The obesity epidemic is being blamed for 12,000 cancer cases a year, with the toll set to increase in the next decade.A study of its kind shows that being overweight is a major risk factor for the most common cancers, triggering more than one in ten cases.The chances of developing some forms of the disease are up to 60% higher, with the risk often rising even more if you continue to gain weight.

Researchers estimate that excess weight could account for 41% of womb cancer cases and 10% or more for gall-bladder, kidney, liver, and colon cancers.


If we continue to pile on the pounds, it will lead to almost 4,000 extra cancer cases a year by 2026.

Studies have shown that people with obesity are more prone to heart disease and diabetes however there is a worrying lack of awareness about the link with cancer, even though two out of three adults are overweight or obese. The number of people who are overweight or obese is rapidly increasing worldwide it is well recognised that this is likely to cause more diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Studies show that if these trends continue, we can also expect to see substantially more cancers as a result.


The study used data from doctor records involving more than five million patients aged 16 and older who were cancer-free and had been followed for an average of seven-and-a-half years.The risk of developing 22 of the most common cancers was estimated according to body mass index (BMI), a measurement relating weight to height.


Higher BMI increases the risk of developing ten of the most common cancers.Over 12,000 cases of these ten cancers each year are attributable to being overweight or obese.


It is calculated that if the average BMI in the population continues to increase over the next 12 years – there could be more than 3,790 extra cancers in 2026 as a result.Almost 167,000 people developed one of the 22 cancers studied over the follow-up period and BMI was associated with 17 of the 22 examined.


A healthy or normal weight is a BMI score of 18.5 to 24.99; above that is a sliding scale to life-threatening obesity. Carrying an extra 12kg in weight over and above the ‘healthy’ range was clearly linked with higher risk of some cancers, and the risk went up with further weight gain.The higher the BMI the higher the risk.


The rise in cancer of the womb was 62% higher, gall-bladder 31%, kidney 25%, cervix 10%, thyroid and leukaemia 9% higher. Higher BMIs also increased the risk of other cancers including liver 19%, colon 10%, ovarian 9%, and breast cancers 5%.


However, those with a high BMI may be at a slightly reduced risk of prostate cancer and pre-menopausal breast cancer.


This variation tells us that BMI must affect cancer risk through a number of different processes, depending on the cancer type.But the take home message is that putting on weight substantially increases your risk of many of these cancers.


We are still not getting the message across about the link between excess weight and cancer. Trying to keep a healthy weight is important, but you can reduce your cancer risk even if you’re obese by becoming more physically active.


It is time to put a stop to this rising epidemic, in order to reduce the risk of health issues we need to become more health conscious. Keep in mind that if you have children, your eating habits & day to day activity can greatly influence their lifestyle choices; which means that if you are obese there is a greater likelihood of your children being obese. You could be putting your children at a higher risk of developing health issues – it is a vicious cycle that needs to be eradicated.


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