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Day 1 – Monday 8TH September

So it is day 1 of our 40 day raw challenge. We have given up cigarettes, booze & junk food in a bid to rid our bodies of toxins & impurities. Carol, Jara & I (Natasha) have our goals in mind. READY? “Yes!” SET! “I was kidding!” GO! ‘Oh No!” No one ever said it would be easy but we know it is 100% worth it. Time to get sculpting our slow & lazy winter bodies into our best summer bodies ever! We are following our HCG Diet Protocol but this time we are eating everything RAW – that’s right you read that correctly RAW. We are looking out for AMAZING raw recipes which fit in with our HCG Diet Protocol & lucky for me I like my meat rare so going from rare to raw is not such a drastic change. Today we went shopping for all of our ingredients – I have honestly never seen the fridge so full of healthy goodness. For anyone who is either on or has been on our diet – you know the first 3 days is dedicated to detoxing. Pretty tough for carnivores like myself but I just remind myself I’m only detoxing for 3 days & not for a lifetime but I will let you in on a little secret you can actually get protein from fruit & vegetables so it’s not all doom & gloom. The challenge today was “rolling” into the gym okay maybe just wobbling but nevertheless it was intense & all you could hear were complaints & laughter because sometimes laughing is all you can do to get through some of those exercises. Today we focused on exercises that will prepare us for our Warrior Race…we started off with a 10 minute run on the treadmill & then we went on our giant sets which consist of goblet squats, push ups, knee stands, bicycle crunches, hanging leg raises, mountain climbers, tire jumps & plank push ups – I nearly vomited after just 1 set & have no idea how I got through the other 2…I just know I am going to be moaning & groaning in pain tomorrow. We also decided to stop off at the nursery on the way back from the gym – super excited to grow our own herbs, fruit & vegetables. We ordered a NutriBullet today to make it a bit easier to prepare our raw food – can’t wait to try it out! So today we ate an amazing salad after gym – lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, green pepper, spring onion, celery, cucumber, parsley & mint – so refreshing & packed with wholesome goodness – I already feel much healthier & we have been drinking loads of water & green tea. BRING ON DAY 2!


Day 2 – Tuesday 9TH September

OMG! OUCH! I am so much pain! Someone pass me the wine so I can numb the pain…NO! NO! NO! I must banish my wayward thoughts. This morning I woke up & I could barely move & all I could think is “How on earth am I going to get through Yoga today?” & try I did. I didn’t look graceful at all – in fact the people in the back of the class must have seen a pretty funny comedy show if they were watching me at all. Our Yoga instructor is AWESOME & the class was loads of fun apart from my muscles being so sore so I spent a lot of the class shaking my head in protest to certain Yoga positions which only made our Yoga instructor push us harder. The good thing is that we can all laugh with each other while we are exercising. The NutriBullet hasn’t arrived yet so we are eating fruit today which is exactly what I needed because it is so hot & fruit is super refreshing on days like these. We have had apples, oranges, Paw-Paw, melon, strawberries & pears today. “DIE TOXINS DIE”. Bring on Day 3 even though I know we will all be saying OUCH in the morning.


Day 3 – Wednesday 10TH September

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

So we are on our 3 day of the challenge and the last day of detox before the meal plan commences. And holy cow, are we stiff. The groans and moans coming from each of the girls as we brave it to our work stations, go pee or climb up and down the stairs are priceless. You see angry shaking heads everywhere. Why did we stop going to the gym. Why did we let winter grab hold of us and turn us into couch potato, wine drinking, overindulgent fiends? Lets just say the “wiggle” your but, is more like a “wobble that spacestation”. I’m not even going to go into the “I need a tan” charade again.

As all of us have done the diet program that we sell, we know it works amazingly well. The real challenge here is doing it all raw this time around. if anyone is an expert in eating and living raw and would like to take up the challenge with us, give me a call.

What I can say for sure is this time round, we have made the commitment to never make excuses again because its winter, because we had the flu, because its someones birthday and so on.

Because even if you are skinny, you can’t be toned without doing some form of weights, you can’t have heart health without cardio. Bottom line is at some point the wiggle turns to wobble.

Look out for updates on exercise from Jara and recipes from Natasha as we bravely crawl through spring and run into summer and the beach with open arms. Remember to enable notifications from our page if you want to stay updated with our progress, news laughs, sales and everything inbetween.

We are also very excited to try out the nutribullet and will be posting heaps of amazing recipes by using this awesome tool. Go check it out at www.nutribullet.co.za

Here is to optimal health and amazing sunshine days on the beach



Hi happy Shrinkers!

And now for my little update on the 3rd day of our 40 day challenge.
Booze – 0
Cigarettes – 0
Sore limbs – 3
So after yesterdays yoga session(which by the way I thought would be very easy and relaxing-WRONG!!!!) we decided to exercise outside for a little fresh air.
It hurts everywhere,everything jiggles and shakes,our fat itches.
So it’s no surprise that Tasha vomited halfway through our run. lol
But I have never slept better and from tomorrow will be working out in black as it is my fats funeral.
Happy Shrinking


Hi Happy Shrinkers,

So it’s day 3 of our 40 Day Raw Food Challenge – OH MY WORD I am so stiff & sore but in a gratifying way – all anyone can hear is Ow! Ow! OUCH! whenever I move & where stairs were once just something I used to walk up & down without a second thought they now seem like a torture device designed to make my already sore body yelp out in even more pain but no pain no gain!

Even though I am stiff & sore from our exercising – I feel healthy & content. I feel cleansed, pure & clean which I put mostly down to raw food & lots of water & green tea.

I’ve also realised that not being able to move all that quickly has it’s little set backs because I am drinking so much water – I have to go to the bathroom often & it takes me about 5 minutes to pluck up the courage to sit down on the loo – which makes me laugh & my stomach muscles are much too sore for too much laughter.

Today Carol made us each a super smoothie for lunch & it was amazing & surprisingly tasty which came as a shock because it really didn’t look all that appealing. I drank the entire glass as you can see by the picture  YUM!

If you want to make yourself a super smoothie blend together the following:

1/2 Cup Water
1 Cucumber
Handful of Strawberries
1 Apple
1 Cup Celery
Handful of Mint Leaves
3 Cups Baby Spinach Leaves
Juice of Half a Lemon

I am really surprised that there are so many amazing recipes dedicated to raw eating – I didn’t even know you could make things like a raw cake – okay so we’re not making ourselves cake because we have our goals in mind & cake won’t help us get to them but it is pretty amazing what you can create with raw food.

Natasha xxx






Day 4 – Thursday 11TH September

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

So today was day 4 of our 40 day raw challenge & I woke up feeling so much better. I wasn’t completely back to normal – my legs were still a bit tender & the stairs were still a challenge but they were no longer an evil torture device. We had an amazing day & I’m really not even sure why I stopped exercises & eating healthily because I feel AWESOME. We went to a gym class yesterday & l was certain that based on the kind of class we did I was going to wake up today in agony but I must be getting stronger because I am not all that sore anymore. Just shows you if you stick to something it gets better. As always we all had a smoothie after gym together & it was nothing short of FANTASTIC, Carol sure does know how to whip up some SUPER Smoothies. Today she popped the following ingredients into the NutriBullet: strawberries, celery, coriander, parsley, mint leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach leaves & mandarin. It tasted amazing. If you are more of a savoury person then stick to using more vegetable & even add a little salt & pepper for flavour & if you’re like me & like a little spice then add a bit of chilli to give it that little kick. What do you think of the pictures? It looks super healthy right?!

Oh another thing – this raw challenge has driven my boyfriend to write a poem for us LOL – it is very cute – he literally woke up grabbed the laptop from me & started writing this:

Do what I must…

My stomach screams chocolate! But my conscience says no.
Because I already know where that chocolate will go.

If I can just get a handle… on these flabby love handles,
I could have sex with the lights on instead of tea candles.

This is a promise I made to myself.
Something I do for the sake of my health.

No one wants to live on lettuce and green beans,
But I will do what I must to fit back into my jeans.

So bring on the green stuff that makes me groan,
This is on me… and me alone.

To see my toes I will do what I must.
Even sacrifice the size of my bust.

This is my beginning & the start,
Fruit & veg will fill my cart.

I will be updating you later on how day 5 is going.

Happy Shrinking Everyone…

Natasha xxx





Hi Happy Shrinkers

Here we go with update 4 of our 40 day raw challenge…
So we woke up this morning and the general feeling is life rocks. Rawamazing!!! Our collective weight loss so far is 5,6kgs, our energy levels are skyrocketing and the general sense of wellbeing is truly contagious. Today we are allowed to eat protein again and so we opted for biltong salad for lunch as we are still a little scared and very unsure of preparing raw meat. Anyone on here got any advice for us???



We hit day 4 of our 40 day raw food challenge & off we went to the gym for our exercise class with our gym instructor – OH MY WORD Jacomari Body Contouring is hard work. You literally focus on a certain part of your body for an entire song – we were exhausted by the end of the class but we all still had a sense of wellbeing.

Happy Shrinking



Day 5 – Friday 12TH September


So happy the sun is shinning – loving the warm weather. So today was Day 5 of our 40 Day Raw Food Challenge – we had a pretty busy day so we ate mostly fruit throughout the day. Oranges, strawberries, apples & melon which was a very good choice because it was so hot. I find that melon is especially refreshing on hot days

Seeing as we mostly ate fruit I found this awesome salad recipe for you to try out:

Peach Salad

1 ripe peach
A handful of strawberries
2 cups baby spinach leaves (washed & dried)

Dressing: drizzle of apple cider vinegar, a pinch of chilli & salt & pepper to taste.



Natasha xxx




Hi Happy Shrinkers :)

Wow Day 5 & still going strong – I’m surprised none of us have tried to get out of gym. You guessed it we went to gym again, so that is 5 days in a row…can I get a whoop, whoop! We started off with a run & then went onto some weight training and because it was Friday we treated ourselves to some time in the sauna & steam room so we felt really good after gym.



Day 8 – Monday 15TH September

Hi Happy Shrinkers

Hope you all had a good weekend, I sure did. Raw Food is making me feel RAWAMAZING & I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I wake up with energy. I feel cleansed & happy. Raw Food really does make a difference. I must admit though – I do get cravings for certain foods but I keep reminding myself that I am doing this for a reason. I have my goals & I will reach them.

Happy Shrinking Everyone!!!


Hi Happy Shrinkers

Day 8 & still going strong, even my kids are starting to try out a few raw vegetables. They don’t like all of them but it just goes to show you, your eating habits can influence your kids to make healthier decisions. Gym was great today, some of the exercises are getting easier to do so we are increasing our training & weights…we are no longer training with the little teeny tiny, light weights. I think we might be a little tender tomorrow but I am hoping not.

Keep working towards your goals Happy Shrinkers!


Hi Everyone,

Wow Day 8 already & I am feeling fantastic :) Everyday I keep looking for amazing recipes for us to try out…I have to use other alternatives to certain ingredients so that it fits in with our protocol. Today we had a Biltong Salad – yum, yum!


  • Baby Spinach Leaves
  • Strawberries
  • Biltong
  • Drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper



Keep tuned in for more RAWAMAZING!

Happy Shrinking all you fabulous people :)



Day 9 – Tuesday 16TH September

Day 9 – WHOOP! WHOOP! None of us have given up or cheated. I’m so proud of all of us. This Raw Challenge is not always easy but it is completely worth it. I have been on the search for Raw Restaurants in South Africa, it doesn’t seem to be such a big movement here like it is in other parts of the world, maybe I am missing something??? There are plenty of recipe online so we have been looking for new things to try out. There is so much fresh fruit & vegetable in the house, it is now just habit to pick up an apple & have it as a snack instead of picking up something that might not be as good for you.


Hi Everyone,

We did our Yoga Class today, I think our gym instructor wanted to torture us today because some of the exercises were pretty difficult. If anyone thinks that Yoga is easy you are wrong, I am sure it gets easier the more you do it or maybe we just get more flexible but for now it is still hard & we still have our little moan in the class when we have to do a difficult Yoga position & yes we giggle most of the time during the class but that makes it more fun.



What an amazing day so far. Gym was hard but good. I have finally gotten to a stage where I actually wake up excited about gym instead of moaning or groaning about it. Today we had a fruit smoothie after gym it was amazing, we put apples, paw-paw, melon, strawberries, oranges & a little mint into the NutriBullet & blended it all up. Yummy! Feeling refreshed now.





Day 10 – Wednesday 17TH September

Hi AMAZING Happy Shrinkers,

YAY Day 10 – Double Digits, do you remember how significant it was when you were a kid & you got to a double digit age & how excited you felt about it – well it kind of feels that way today. Still feeling amazing, very energized & very enthusiastic about keeping up this amazing challenge for longer than 40 days – I’m not saying everyday afterward would I eat only raw food but I would like to make a point of eating as much raw food as possible. I also feel I get far more nutrients out of raw food & given the fact that food is not what it used to be I think we all need the nutrients we can get.


Hi Happy Shrinkers,

Wow what an amazing work out at the gym…running for 20 minutes on the treadmill & working up a sweat, weight training, sit ups, push ups, planks, leg raises – phew I’m exhausted, I think we all are. I have been looking through magazines for different exercises to try out & I have been looking at workout videos on YouTube – there is some pretty motivating stuff out there which is awesome because some days we do need motivation.

Find things that motivate you.


Hello Everyone,

I am so tired today, I have hit a bit of a dip to be honest. Gym was pretty tough today…my stomach muscles are so sore from all the sit ups, my arms feel like lead. I am seriously craving all sorts of foods today like BBQ chicken & bacon melt & crisps & onion rings. It is just an off day for me & I refuse to cheat because I know I will just regret it tomorrow & beat myself up about it. Today we had a fruit salad which was amazing but I kept thinking about all kinds of food while I was eating it. Today is going to be a long day…I think I might go to bed early to avoid cheating LOL!

Fruit Salad:

  • Mint Leaves
  • Strawberries
  • Mandarin Segments
  • Melon




Day 11 – Thursday 18TH September

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

Woke up this morning feeling really great. So far so good & just for the record Raw Food is to thank for this happy mood. I have purchased a Raw Food Recipe Book which has some amazing recipes. We have been snacking on fruit & biltong. Today we are going to get Sashimi for lunch today just for a change.

I really am enjoying how amazing raw food is making me feel. I feel healthy & happy.


Hello Happy Shrinkers,

WOW we went to gym expecting to do a Pilates Class, I had no idea Pilates was so hard & to be honest that was more like torture Pilates. It was a seriously hardcore class. Core work is much harder than I thought. We complained a bit during certain exercises & our gym instructor laughs at us but he does push us which is really good because sometimes you just need that little push to get to your goals.

Sashimi today – YAY! Can’t wait!



I feel better today. I guess we all have our ups & downs regardless of whether you are on a diet or not. I was really looking forward to our Pilates Class until I found out it was going to be high intensity training instead a soothing, calming, relaxing – focusing on your breathing…oh no it was intense core training – at the mere mention of those word I wanted to run out of the room LOL! We had Sashimi for lunch today – a welcomed change. We stuck to mostly Tuna Sashimi because it is on our list of foods we can eat & we had Tuna Sashimi Salads. Yum!

Have an AMAZING day everyone :)


Sashimi Tuna



Day 12 – Friday 19TH September

Hello Happy Shrinkers,

Okay so I need a boob job, they’ve shrunk – what happened!?! Why is it when women lose weight they tend to lose their boobs 1st why not their bum or thighs or stomach or love handles? It’s not fair. Collectively our weight loss has been very good, we have lost a total of 10,6kg. WHOOP! WHOOP! Going to gym every Monday – Friday might have slowed down the results on the scale but we can all definitely feel a change in our clothes they are not as tight & in some cases some outfits are very baggy which means out centimeter loss is going very, very well. Aside from the needed boob job I am feeling very happy with our results so far & how Raw Food is making us feel.

Happy Shrinking!!!


Hey Happy Shrinkers!!!

Phew I am exhausted after gym this morning…we did a lot of exercises like running, ballerina squats, sit ups, push ups, lunges, leg raises, planking…we really worked up a sweat but I keep reminding myself – Sweat is fat crying!!!

We do our ballerina squats with weights but the photo below is an indication of what ballerina squats are, in case anyone was wondering.

Hope you all have a fantastic day. RAWAMAZING!




Hello Happy Shrinkers,

Today has been an amazing day. I am loving all the Raw Food, I still get cravings of course but that is normal for most people. Today we had an awesome salad for lunch.


  • Dill
  • Mint Leaves
  • Spinach Leaves
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Courgettes
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Onion
  • Orange Zest

Happy Shrinking!




Day 15 – Monday 22ND September

Hello Happy Shrinkers,

I woke up this morning feeling rested & happy. Life rocks!!! How many people do you know who say that on a Monday morning? I am still on the search for Raw Restaurants, there are vegetarian restaurants or vegetarian options on plenty of menus but raw food in restaurants is pretty non existent. Maybe I will just have to start my own raw food restaurant. We are almost at the half way mark of our challenge, how awesome is that & I think I have certainly adopted some of the raw food ideals, it is a habit now to just eat things raw. I haven’t touched a toaster, microwave, oven or stove & I am loving it.

This is an amazing lifestyle that everyone should try out. I am actually pretty excited to try out some of the raw recipes I have found once our diet is finished. I am curious about Raw Cake.

Keep working hard happy shrinkers you can reach your goals!


Hi Happy Shrinkers!

Day 15 – WOW! So good to hit the gym after a weekend of relaxing. We focused on our Warrior Race training, starting off with a 20 minute run on the treadmill & to think a few weeks ago we battled to run 10 minutes…we have come so far in such a short time. We did three sets of the following exercises: Goblet Squats, Push-Ups, Knee-Stands, Bicycle Crunches, Hanging Leg Raises, Mountain Climbers, Tire Jumps, Plank Push-Ups.

So tired when we finished but I still feel like I am walking on clouds.

Have a great day Happy Shrinkers.


Good Day Happy Shrinkers,

Whoop, whoop day 15 & it is going well. I am still craving some of the food I shouldn’t be eating but I know when you are on diet you crave everything you can’t have even the things you do not usually eat. I know it is all in my head – will power & motivation is all I need to get me through my moments reaching for food I shouldn’t eat & it is working.

Today we had a green salad it was amazing!


  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli
  • Courgettes
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Asparagus
  • Vinegar
  • Herbs
  • Salt & Pepper


Happy Shrinking Everyone!

IMAG0935 IMAG0936


Day 16 – Tuesday 23RD September

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

I woke up feeling amazing today which soon changed midday. Part of our work lists include reading books that inspire us to make changes to our way of thinking…get out of the box so to speak & we watch varies documentaries that educate us about different diets, foods ect. Today we watched Vegucated, a documentary I believe everyone should watch. I knew there were unsound practices that went on when it came to our food but I never imagined it to be this intense or heartbreaking, a lot of us don’t even take a second to think about the products we are putting in our shopping baskets & whether that animal had a good life or a terrible one & the reality is in most cases it is the latter. None of us in the office want to touch animal products or meat at all unless we know for sure the animal had a good life, we are now looking for small farms which supply products from animals that have enough space to move around & animals who are content & happy within their environment. I have already established that I can get eggs from my uncle when our Raw Food Challenge is over. And as for today, well it was very easy to eat just raw vegetables & I think it might be for quite awhile.


Hi Everybody,

YOGA today was great. We are really enjoying YOGA, it is always fun. Some of the exercises are still hard but it is great being together when we exercise because we motivate each other. It is always easier to get through a class or an hour at the gym when you have people telling you can go a weight higher or you can get through an exercise. We watched a documentary today called Vegucated – oh my word what is wrong with people. How can these sick, sick people sleep at night after treating animals in the manner in which they do, it makes me angry. I do not want to see meat at all!!! Thank goodness the fridge is full of vegetables & fruit otherwise I would have gone to a farm or fruit & vegetable shop immediately.

Now it is just raw fruit & vegetables for me. I will be sick if I see meat. I think we need to buy a farm.

Have a great day everybody.


Hi Happy Shrinkers,

Goodness me what a day this has been. The morning was awesome, exercising makes me feel far more energized & I am certainly sleeping better at night…as soon as my head hits the pillow I am lights out. My afternoon was ruined by a documentary called Vegucated not only am I a huge meat eater but I love animal products too like cheese, eggs ect & until today I had never given much thought to the food stacked on the selves & fridges in stores – to me it was always just food not an animal & now all I can think about is how many animals suffer for our diets & so many people do eat more food than what they need to – binge eating to be more clear. Even though this documentary has deeply upset me I do not want to give up meat but rather I want to source meat & animal products from organisations & farms that really do treat the animals with respect but I am also going to increase my intake of non animal productions from here on out. Every little helps.

Today we had Spinach Soup – kind of just like our smoothies we have but not everything gets blended in.


  • Baby Spinach Leaves
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Celery, thinly sliced
  • Red chilli
  • Broccoli
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


Peel the cucumber and cut into chunks. Place all the ingredients (with the exception of the celery) into a blender and blend very well until super smooth. Pour the soup into bowls and garnish with the celery.



Day 17 – Wednesday 24TH September

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

No gym for us today. We have taken a day off gyming to enjoy the public holiday. Seeing as it is such a lovely day I think it would be a waste to spend the day indoors so into the sunshine I go to soak up so much needed Vitamin D but don’t worry I have prepacked my veggie & fruit slices & I have plenty of water so I will still be sticking to my Raw Food Challenge.

Enjoy the public holiday everyone!!!



Day 18 – Thursday 25TH September

Good Day Happy Shrinkers,

Carol had a really important meeting to go to this morning so it was just Natasha & I at gym this morning although poor Natasha she really wasn’t feeling great this morning & all the bouncing around during our Body Contouring Class only made her feel worse but at least she tried which is really good. Today’s class was far more intense, instead of focusing on a body part for an entire song we had to do it for two songs. I am knackered but it was definitely worth it.

Happy Shrinking Everyone!


Hi Everyone :)

Hope you have been having a good day. Gym was especially hard for me today, I did’t feel all that great this morning…my stomach was in knots & bouncing around in class only seemed to intensify that knotty feeling. After gym we had apples with cinnamon – so yummy! Jara & I had to run a few errands today so we ate veggie & fruit slices. I did come across this amazing recipe which I think I will be trying out for dinner tonight.

Cucumber & Zucchini Soup (Cold)


  • 450 grams zucchini, chopped
  • 350 grams cucumbers, peeled
  • 1/2 sweet onion, chopped
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 small fresh green chilli
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper


Puree the zucchini, cucumbers, onion, vinegar, water, chilli, coriander, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper in a blender until very smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste.




Day 19 – Friday 26TH September

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

It is Day 19 of our 40 Day Raw Food Challenge, OH MY WORD we have been training so hard at the gym. Yoga is getting easier but body pump is so difficult but thankfully it is fun. We are drinking our veggie or fruit smoothies each day after gym & searching for amazing raw recipes & restaurants. We all feel fantastic & best of all we are losing weight & toning our bodies – summer ready bodies well on their way. Hope you all have an amazing day.

Enjoy your weekend! WHOOP! WHOOP! Friday!

Carol, Jara & Natasha xxx


Day 22 – Day 26, Monday 29TH September – Friday 3RD October

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

Carol, Jara & myself (Natasha) unfortunately all got struck down this week with a terrible stomach bug that has been making it’s rounds around the country, even my mother got sick with it & she lives 6 hours drive away. It was awful, we all felt absolutely terrible & worst of all even the pharmacy ran out the medication we wanted so we had to get the generic version, you know a stomach bug is bad news when even the pharmacy is out of stock because of the sheer volumes of people coming down with it. Well we could hardly eat anything because let’s face it all you want to do is sleep when you feel that awful. We did manage to eat some fruit & veg towards the end of the week but nothing spectacular. We did ensure that we drank plenty of water with electrolytes. We didn’t go to gym at all this week, not sure we could have made it to the gym let alone through an entire class & of course we did not want to pass on the stomach bug to anyone else.

Hoping we can get back on track next week.

Happy Shrinking :)


Day 29 – Monday 6TH October

Hi Happy Shrinkers,

So we are back on track after a week of being terribly ill. Today we ate lots of fruit today & a bit of biltong – definitely need some protein after not having much of it last week. We decided to enjoy the sunshine today so we had an amazing workout outside on our Yoga mats, we are feeling really amazing today. I am a bit worried that we will be stiff & sore because we have not been to the gym for a week, fingers crossed our bodies will be kind to us. We had a super smoothie today – mint, coriander, cucumber & melon – definitely needed that boost today purely because our bodies were so run down last week. Feeling refreshed & super positive – very happy to be up & about…no longer Zombies LOL! It is amazing how grateful one is to feel normal after feeling so terrible…makes you appreciate the basic things in life. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.




Happy Shinking

Love Carol, Jara & Natasha


Day 30 – Tuesday 7TH October

Hi Everyone,

Well we are a bit stiff today which we guessed would happen. Still happy to be feeling stiff as apposed to ill. So it was off to Yoga we went today & it was an amazing class, we worked in pairs – it was a very relaxing class, mostly stretching & assisting our partners to stretch. Walking on air is the expression that could best describe how it felt walking out of that class. We have had so much to do lately so a little Yoga in morning has certainly helped start the day off with a positive bang – we are now ready to get stuck into all our tasks. We had an amazing melon, strawberry & apple smoothie – yum, yum. Natasha is so happy she is down to a size 28 dress size – she was actually convinced it wouldn’t fit but it did :) we have all gone down a dress size or two – feeling super inspired to continue eating raw food whenever possible.






Day 31 – Wednesday 8TH October

WOW! What an amazing day this has been. We did some exercises in the garden, it is so wonderful to be outside in summer. Nature makes everything feel so much better. We went for a short run & then finished off with some jumping jacks, lunges, squats, sit ups & planks. We are still all enjoying our Raw Food Challenge. Raw food really does give you an extra boost, there really are so many benefits to eating raw food such as weight loss, a cleaner body, a healthier mind, being more creative in the kitchen, being more health conscious & a new understanding of diet & nutrition.

Today we made an amazing salad for lunch:

  • Lettuce Leaves
  • Cucumber
  • Green Pepper
  • Spring Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Celery
  • Coriander
  • Bit of salt & pepper




Day 32 – Thursday 9TH October

Today we started our day off with our Body Contouring Class. Wow what a workout. We are pooped and although there are some days where the thought of being exhausted after a good workout seems more like torture rather than a way to improve your health, the majority of the time exercising really is exciting & uplifting. Exercising & eating healthily really is the key to a better lifestyle. Your confidence can really soar when you start reaching your goals & of course taking care of your body & loving it really does make your days that much better. When you exercise you really do feel like you’ve achieved something for the day even if you only exercise for 20 minutes, those 20 minutes are still something to be proud of.

I can’t believe we are already on day 32 of our challenge but I am not sure I would really call it a challenge – don’t get me wrong some days have been tough but all in all I really don’t feel like I have been counting down the days. I have definitely found some amazing recipes that I plan to use on a regular basis. I have realised that a diet doesn’t have to actually being boring, there are some amazing recipes out there that are not only healthy but they are tasty too. Sometimes in order to change our bodies we have to change our way of thinking, the simple act of just telling yourself you on a food discovery to find fun & healthy food that make you excited means you are more likely to embrace new eating habits. Eating healthily doesn’t need to be a chore.

Today we had an amazing peach shake – this one is definitely a keeper. Light, refreshing & tasty:

  • Peach
  • Apricots
  • Orange
  • Strawberries




Day 33 – Friday 10TH October

Today was a pretty busy day, we had lots of running around to do so we went for the easy option of eating fruit portions throughout the day. We didn’t really have time to exercise this morning so we are all going to take 10 minutes out this evening to do a 10 minute workout which I have posted below.





Day 36 – Monday 13TH October

OMG!!! I fit back into my size 28 jean – yay me! WOW! WOW! WOW! Ok so they still feel a tad bit tight in some places but even so this is a good day. Today was another great day so we went for a 20 minute run & then did some yoga in the garden. I can’t believe that when we started this program 20 minutes of running was near to impossible, well for me anyway – I kinda felt as though I would pop a lung & whilst I’m not saying a 20 minute run is a breeze it certainly is easier now. The proof is in the pudding: if you keep training you will get fitter day by day.

Today we had cottage cheese & strawberries – cottage cheese is a great source of protein & it was surprisingly tasty – I can definitely see this working really well with Melba Toast.

Happy Shrinking























Day 37 – Tuesday 14TH October

Today was Yoga Day, I am so happy this won’t be our last class – we will definitely be continuing with Yoga. It elevates your mood & gives you a sense of inner peace. The mere act of really connecting to your breathing does wonders & it really allows you to relax. I think everyone should try yoga just once if they can. Exercising has become apart of our routines, it take 21 days to form a habit & I am glad we have picked up exercising as a habit. I do have to say I am glad that we no longer have those aches & pains we did when we first starting exercising which I think is another reason for sticking to exercising – can’t say I want to experience those feelings in a hurry again besides it is pretty easy to stick to exercising when you have people to exercise with – who motivate you & encourage you. Exercising isn’t about being skinny it is about being fit & healthy & I don’t want to give that up for anything.

Happy Shrinking!!!



Raw Stuffed Mushrooms with Rosemary Garlic “Cream”

serves 4

  • 4 large portobella mushroom caps
  • 3 cups diced tomato, divided
  • 1 cup diced sweet onion, divided
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons tamari
  • 2 tablespoons coconut nectar or liquid sweetener of choice
  • 4 cups spinach, crushed
  • 1/2 cup kalamata olives, chopped
  • 1/2 cup pine nuts
  • Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

1. Rub mushroom caps inside and outside with two tablespoons of tamari. Set aside.

2. Place half the tomatoes and half the onions in a bowl. Stir in the remaining 1/4 cup tamari and the coconut nectar. Make sure all the tomatoes and onions are coated. Spread on a non-stick dehydrator sheet and dehydrate, along with the mushroom caps for 2-4 hours at 115 degrees.

3. When the tomatoes and onions are done, mix together with the remaining tomatoes, onions, spinach, olives and pine nuts. Salt and pepper to taste.

4. Spoon tomato mixture into mushroom caps and top with garlic cashew cream.

Cashew Garlic Cream

  • 1 cup cashews, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary, finely chopped
  • Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

1. Blend cashews, water, and garlic in high-speed blender until smooth.

2. Stir in rosemary, salt and pepper.



Day 38 – Wednesday 15TH October

Guess what we made today…Ceviche & it was AMAZING! Not only was it fun trying out something unusual to make but it tasted really good.


Serves: 4-8



  • 1kg of firm, fresh kingklip, cut into 1.5cm pieces, completely deboned
  • 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 red onion, finely diced
  • 1 cup of chopped fresh seeded tomatoes
  • 1 chili, seeded and finely diced
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • Dash of ground oregano
  • Dash of Tabasco or a light pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Coriander


In ceramic casserole dish, place the fish, onion, tomatoes, chili, salt, Tabasco, and oregano. Cover with lime and lemon juice. Let sit covered in the refrigerator for an hour, then stir, making sure more of the fish gets exposed to the acidic lime and lemon juices. Let sit for several hours, giving time for the flavors to blend.

During the marinating process the fish will change from pinkish grey and translucent, to whiter in color and opaque.

Serve with chopped coriander.








Day 39 – Thursday 16TH October

Second to last day. We went to our Body Contouring Class this morning. Today’s class was pretty hectic – I have a feeling we will all be a little sore tomorrow. We had another busy day so we made a fruit salad to snack on for lunch. It was really yummy.

  • Fruit Salad:
  • Apples
  • Naartjies
  • Paw-Paw
  • Green Melon
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Pears




Day 40 – Friday 17TH October

Wow!!! Last day. This certainly has been an incredible journey. I can’t believe the positive change Raw Food has had on our lives & bodies. We have all benefited from this challenge in more than one way. I am so proud of our accomplishments. In the beginning of this challenge we all set goals for ourselves & each & everyone of us has reached our goals & learnt a tremendous amount of information about diets & nutrition in the process. We have dropped dress sizes, sculpted our bodies & best of all gained some really amazing eating habits that we will be sticking to.

To say we are pleased with the results would be an understatement. We are definitely going to be continuing with exercising. We have learnt that it is important to make time for your health & wellbeing – so if you have to skip out on a t.v show – so what! No t.v show can compete with the positive energy surrounding us. We are grinning from ear to ear & we all have a healthy glow & a positive mind set.

This is more than just looking good on the outside though this is about feeling amazing on the inside. Respecting your body & treating it like a temple is the most effective way to improve your body image.

Don’t ever give up on your goals.

Happy Shrinking!!