Reaching My Goal Weight

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Reaching My Goal Weight

For most of us it’s a struggle to love our bodies, the saddest part I find is; it is now something that plagues our children. They are conflicted about their bodies too early on in life; the number of children who are suffering from a negative body image is truly terrifying. We are no longer facing a battle – we are facing a war. The unrealistic pressures placed on society to be perfect is causing irreparable damage & I am fearful it will only get worse as time goes on. Unless we educate ourselves & our children, we will surely be faced with walking down the road of self-loathing & a road of uncertainty when it comes to nutrition.


There is no use in recommending drastic diets which quite frankly seem designed to set one up for failure & disaster. Surviving off of a piece of fruit & water for an entire day is not the answer, that’s called starvation, anorexia if you will & that comes with its own set of problems.


What I am proposing are lifestyle changes which are small, basic & manageable. If it worked for me, it can work for you. Here’s the secret ingredient: HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Naturally this hormone can be found in each & every one of us so it is perfectly safe for us to use. If you have already done research on HCG, you will have found a lot of information about pregnancy, which probably has a few men & women raising their eyebrows & scratching their heads. No need to be alarmed, you see HCG is very much present; in a large capacity when we are first born because our mothers would have been producing a fair amount of HCG from the moment of conception. As we develop & grow into adults, HCG is no longer as prominent as it once would have been because our bodies use it during childhood & puberty but that’s not to say we no longer have HCG when we reach adulthood, we do but just not as much.


I think the scariest part about trusting the information you are reading is knowing that everything is based on another person’s or organisation’s opinion on that particular subject. I am of the opinion that HCG is a wonderful formula for weight loss because it worked for me (don’t get me wrong I had to work at it too) & I believe the reason HCG has continued to be acknowledged & praised since the 1950’s is because so many people have experienced positive results; whereas a particular organization (we won’t mention any names) is of the opinion that it is unsafe to use in conjunction with a weight loss program. Yet that very same organization promotes the use of HCG in conjunction with Fertility Treatment & they just so happen to prescribe a rather hefty dosage of it too. So where do you turn to & who do you trust? I struggled with that exact problem when I heard about HCG which is why I turned to people like you & me. I started watching people’s YouTube videos. They speak about their weight loss journey, they mention both the ups & downs & that’s where you really start to get a sense of whether this form of weight loss is really for you. I also spoke to friends & colleagues & finally I trusted my own instincts.


I knew I had to do something about my weight. I was no longer able to continue down the path I was on. I understood that using HCG would amount to amazing results but I also had a clear understanding that I would have to make some changes too. HCG somehow felt less daunting to me than most other weight loss programs & diets because to me it was simple & realistic. I felt I could manage the little changes & adjustments. I never felt like the few restrictions there were, were over the top, it was really just a matter of finding the healthy versions of what I like to eat. All those little changes amounted to big results. I was smiling again, I was looking in the mirror a little longer & enjoying the improvements in my health.


I felt like I was living in the shadows before I lost weight, something of a recluse. It almost felt like there was some kind of a heavy metal flowing through my veins – weighing me down. I had a negative energy around me, mostly created by me but also by how society & media had brainwashed me. I longed for social acceptance & love of myself. It took me a long time to realise that I wasn’t the only person faced with these exhausting food demons. You’ll change when you are ready to, no one can force you to make healthier decisions until the day you get up & just start living a healthier life. Being healthy is also about educating yourself about food so my advice is to watch documentaries & read food labels, you will soon figure things out & then you just need to keep moving forward with the knowledge you have. Plain & simple if you don’t know half the ingredient & have trouble pronouncing them then you probably shouldn’t be eating it.


Close your eyes for one moment & imagine what it would be like to love your body, to not have to worry about developing diabetes or heart disease or any other chronic illnesses or diseases for that matter. To run around with your kids. To accept yourself. To feel invigorated & healthy. It is pretty wonderful right? Now imagine what it would be like to actually live it – everyday.


You can protect the body you have by making simple changes & step by step you will establish better eating habits, you will automatically search for the healthier versions of meals rather than indulging everyday like you once did.
I worked really hard to reach my goal weight & what a great feeling it was to get to that point. I set out to love myself & care for myself because I didn’t want to face the real possibility that I was destroying my health to the point of no return. Stabalising was the best part of my HCG journey. Knowing that this unhealthy lifestyle was behind me was the best part of my accomplishment. I did not just lose weight & lost my unhealthy ways. I educated myself. I learned to love myself.