Why FAD Diets Do Not Work & Why Our Protocol Is Worth Considering

Obesity is on the rise, each year the figures just continue to climb & shock us. Every year hundreds of weight loss solutions are advertised & we are bombarded with FAD diets. The weight loss craze has taken over our television shows, magazine articles, weight loss blogs, forums, online articles, celebrity gossip, documentaries, support groups…….oh the list goes on & on & why wouldn’t it? After all it is a hot topic that gets a lot of attention & there is a lot of money in the weight loss industry. We are obsessed with our weight, our children’s weight, celebrities weight ect. Society has painted a picture of what is considered acceptable, no wonder we are obsessed with our weight, society should be encouraging us to live healthy lives & be a healthy size & NO skeletal definitely does not fall into the healthy body bracket but neither does being overweight. In one corner fast food & junk is being advertised & in the other hundreds of FAD diets, no wonder why we are so confused about the direction to go in & not to mention one year this is bad for you & the next it is under the super food list. So what do we do, which way do we turn, whose advice do we listen to?

FAD diets are like shooting stars, they disappear as quickly as they  appear. Speak to anyone who is tried a FAD diet & they will tell you: “I did lose weight initially but then I gained it all back!” in most cases they gain more weight than they lost, in fact 95% of people who try FAD diet will gain the weight back or more. The creators of FAD diets make their money for a season & then develop a new gimmick to reel unsuspecting consumers in.


Why don’t FAD diets work? There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to diet plans, and it is essential to find one that fits your lifestyle. The best diet is one you can safely and realistically stick with. In fact, the best “diet” may not be a diet at all, it is in fact a lifestyle change & the changes do not need to be drastic, small changes can make a big difference. After a few weeks on an unrealistic diet, dieters usually become frustrated and give up. This leads to feelings of failure that can help send them right back to their unhealthy lifestyles. Fad diets not only fail to produce long-term weight loss, they can lead to deprivation, weight gain, and discouragement, in other words you are often worse off than before you started.

FAD diet that focus on one food group like cabbage soup or grapefruit do work initially but not over the long haul , you need nutrition from other food groups, seriously how much cabbage soup or grapefruit can one person have? Before long the person is desperate for anything else & in most cases binge eating occurs & the weight just piles back on at a rapid rate too rapid in fact. Among the many FAD diets there are some that are so drastic & absurd it is a wonder they are even allowed to be advertised, how is a person expected to not eat anything for days on end & let’s not forget the awful syrup water diet. It is unrealistic & harmful.

A lot of the time when it comes to FAD diets the consumer literally purchases a product online or purchases a book & off they go. There is no one to motivate, support or inspire them nor are they informed about what to do when they have reached their goal weight & often they give up on the diet or for those who reach their goal weight they inevitably pile the weight back on & more which only leads to a bad body images & bad eating habits.

So who do we trust when it come to weight loss journey? It is simple you look for the lifestyle change but one you can realistically fit into your life and that is exactly what we offer. A new way of thinking about food. We are not presenting another diet but rather a scientific approach to weight management that has been used for decades. HCG is a unique & permanent solution to weight loss. It was originally developed by Dr Simeons in the 1950’s & has been used for decades in the area of weight management on men, women & children who have reached puberty. Since the 1950’s there have been adjustments to his original protocol to fit in the lifestyles of people today. We have work with an endocrinologist who have over 25 years in treating metabolic disorders making our protocol one of the most up to date & successful protocols on the market today. Our HCG protocol is not only a balanced diet with various food groups to choose from but it is also easy to follow. We make a point of ensuring we post tasty & interesting recipes frequently so that those on our HCG Protocol do not eat the same boring food daily. We encourage creativity when preparing food. HCG Injections or Oral Drops (for those who are a little squeamish of injections) combined with our HCG Protocol produces amazing & long lasting results.

Our HCG Protocol is also inclusive of a stabilization phase. Why is this so important? Well we don’t want you to pile on all the weight you lost. The stabilization phase is crucial, resetting your hypothalamus gland (the gland that controls your metabolism & endocrine system) will mean that your metabolism will now function in the way it should & you will reset your natural body weight. Stabilizing trains the hypothalamus to burn fat & not to store it as abnormal fat deposits.

A large percentage of those who have been on our HCG Protocol have reported they no longer crave certain foods like before & they no think & feel differently about food. They are now more conscious about the food they put into their bodies & now have a healthier lifestyle.


Our HCG Protocol changed my life & the lives of others & if you are look for a solution to your weight issues then perhaps I have given you something to consider & if you do decided that our HCG Protocol is the route for you then we will support you all the way through your weight loss journey.

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